No.: W05M06192307000

Material  :100% wool

Color: #5 Red

Shape : Africa Muslim Embroidered Wool Cap

Size : 53/54/55/56/57/58/59/60 cm

Color:  pure white, milk white, black, red, blue, gray, green, camel , navy blue, longan, sky blue, grass green, dark gray, purple, brown and other colors

Packing: 30 pieces/bag, 360pieces/carton

In order to meet the needs of the African market, our company has developed several North Africa and West Africa Pure Wool Exquisite Caps. The hats are made of high quality wool, hand-punched, various styles and craft elegant appearance, loved by African Muslims such as Nigeria, Niger, Mali, etc..

Specializing in customizing wool hats

Manufacturer From Baoding · China