We are Horizon Hats from China, we produce all kinds of wool hats, including Wool felt hat, Fedora hat, Floppy hat, Top hat, Cowboy hat, Cloche hat, Pork Pie hat, Bowler hat, Boater hat, Homburg hat, Aviator hat, Berets hat, etc. Just offer your idea, we will help you realize your creativity with thousands of design experience, rich production experience, professional custom service and 100% Australian wool. We specialize in the design and production of good wool felt hat!

Step 1. Choose a hat shape
Step 2. Choose hat color
Step 3. Choose decoration
Step 4. Start production

Specializing in customizing wool hats

Manufacturer From Baoding · China

Fedora Hat

Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat wool felt hat

Top Hat

Stewardess Hat

Muslim Hat

Floppy Hat

Cloche Hat

Metal Accessories

Leather & PU Band

Embroidered Ribbon