What is the advantages of our company?

We are a professional manufacturer of wool felt hats.

Firstly, we can undertake large orders with more than 100,000 pieces, and accept small orders with several hundreds hats, too.

Secondly, the size, color, style, decoration, weight and trademark of the wool felt hats can be customized according to your requirements.

Thirdly, customizing hats are acceptable.

What’s more, 24-hours customer service is online, any need, just contact with us freely.

What is the Fedora Wool Felt Hat?

The Fedora wool felt hat has a round drop-shaped depression in top and its brim is wider. Because the material of Fedora hat is very soft, it is easy to change the hat brim and hat head. In other words, Fedora wool felt hat refers to the jazz hat. Usually men will wear them, but there are also handsome girls wearing the fedora hat. What’s more, in the American drama “White Collar”, the famous actor, Neal Caffrey, has a Fedora wool felt hat.

What is the Cloche Hat?

The cloche Hat is a kind of women wool felt hat with the shape of a bell. Caroline Reboux, French designer, invented the cloche hat in 1908. It is popular in the United States from 1920 to 1933. Its name comes from the French word “Cloche”, which means “bell”.

The popularity and influence of cloche hats reached the peak in the early 20th century. And some women’ studios began to make the cloche hats. At that time the cloche hat has even led to the popularity of a new hairstyle. This hairstyle is fit for matching the cloche hat.

This type of wool felt hat is deeper in height and is narrow in brim. And the Cloche Hat is very beautiful to match the clothes in Autumn and winter.

What is the Floppy Hat?

The Floppy hat has other names “Beach Hat” or “Topee Hat”.

Its prominent characteristic is that the brim is very wide. The wide brim have the effect of shading the sun. In recent years, designers have added more fashion elements on floppy hat. Such as the popular lace, tassels, rivets and other personalized elements. With large sunshade cap and popular elements, more and more women prefer to wear the floppy hat in summer.

What is the Cowboy Hat?

The cowboy hat use the felt to make, to shelter from wind and rain. The earliest cowboy hat appeared in America in order to adapt the local climate. The fashionable cowboy hat use the handsome appearance of the cowboy hat for decorative purpose. In recent years, this type of hat has great changes in its material.

Nowadays, the material of the cowboy hat begin to use those material that is similar to the clothing material. The colors of cowboy hats no longer limit to black and brown, but they tend to match with the clothes in pink, green and purple in spring and summer. Even in the autumn and winter, cowboy hats are still popular. No matter what clothes to match, furry piping or tweed suit coat, the Cowboy Hat will bring you a rough taste of men.

What is the Bowler Hat?

Bowler Hat is a kind of Homburg hat with a round top. James Kirk, an Englishman, invented the bowler hat in 1850. At the beginning, the designer planned to use some hard material in order to protect the head. However the bowler hat became popular until the late 19th century. The main reason is because bowler hat is similar with the high-top silk hat that the upper class wore. And bowler hat price is not so expensive, and the texture of the felt is easy to clean.

In London, the bowler hat had been once a symbol of British gentlemen and culture.

What is the Top Hat?

Top hat is also High hat or Silk Hat, one type of wool felt hat. Before the 1920s, tap hats belong to standard daily hats of upper-class men and politicians in Europe and America. After the 1920s, top hats were only used in the most formal occasions such as morning dresses or tuxedos. At that time, the top hat use velvet material, so its price was very expensive. Now the top hats choose the wool, so the price is much cheaper than before.

What is Baseball Cap?

The baseball cap is a special cap for baseball players. The baseball cap is very simple and neat with a visor and a top part of the cap.The baseball cap belong to the functional cap. It can shelter from the sun, keep warm and shape handsome style.

Generally, the visor of the baseball cap bend inward, so we also call  baseball cap curved brim baseball cap.

How to judge 100% wool?

100% wool identification method:

Firstly, fire the wool. Secondly, check the following situations:

  1. if there is the smellof burnt feathers;
  2. The woolfire quickly, and the carbide of the wool become black ash immediately;
  3. After burning, when you hold the black ash between the fingers, it can become powder

If it meets the above three situations, it proves that the wool is 100% wool.

How to maintenance the wool felt hat?

Maintenance introduction about wool felt hat:

Please do not use water to wash the wool felt hat, or the wool will shrink. If the wool hat is stained with dust or pet hair, please don’t worry and try the below methods! You can use a wide-faced tape folding over your fingers or a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the surface dust.

The wool fabric need breathe, too. After wearing them for a period of time, you need to rest them for few days. Through resting, your wool felt hat will recover the natural characteristics. Therefore, if you like wool felt hat, you can buy some different styles to replace time to time.

Due to friction, the surface of the wool felt hat will appear fuzzing and pilling. Please cut off them by small scissors directly, and it will not affect the appearance of wool felt fabric.

When clearing up the hats, please wash clearly, dry completely, sealed package. Using the hat holder is recommended.

Wool fibers have the nature of stain resistance. If there is dirt, please deal with it as soon as possible in order not to leave traces. What’s more, please do not use hot water or bleach to clean wool hat stains.

Can you make hats according to the shape and size I need? How about the MOQ?

Yes, you can. We can customize many types, so as long as you can offer the detailed pictures or drawing with specification of hat, then we can make the hats accordingly. Generally, the MOQ is 200 each style per color. If the order quantity is large, we can also apply for the minimum of 100 each style per color for you.

If I want to customize a new wool felt hat, what information do I need to offer?

  1. For the main hat body: Shape, Color, Size and Weight;
  2. For the attachment: whether the sweat band need lining or not?washing label?  trademark LOGO?
  3. For Optional accessories: ribbon, leather hat belt, metal chain belt, feather, fancy and other decorations.

Is it possible to add our trademark on the hat?

Yes, it is. If you can provide your trademark lisense, we can add your trademark on the hats for you.